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Happy New Year

Happy happy New Year everyone. I’m so glad the New Year has begun. I feel all so new…………like new hair in the right jeans…new face for the New Year, that I have the chance to live a great new life.

I call this chapter of my life The 21st Chapter of the 21st Season of the 21st Episode. Long, huh? Well, I have my personal reasons.

So, what’s up with everyone? I believe everyone has great expectations and have decided to make personal goals and even made challenges like maybe to read 52 novels within the year, lose some weight, write two books and other interesting challenges.

So for 20132014, make plans of making your “small little” corner brighter and beautiful. Let it shimmer and sparkle, then little by little, the world would become a sweet and better place and we won’t be terrified of walking on a certain path. That’s how we begin changing the world. Have a positive heart and change the world by starting with your heart, then your bedroom, then your family, friends, school, community, then using your music, dance moves, your writing, the internet, stage performances, your mobile phone……………it’s just that simple.

Happy New Year and let your lifestyle shimmer and sparkle to inspire others to change the world.

Shimmer and Sparkle,